The art is a revelation to me…each and every time. 
It’s just luck that it happens so live and in color, that is how it finds me. 

They are my gifts, the moments I wait share myself and my experience or at least my version of experience. They are my love songs and poems, my voice. Each one an affectionate, even if bittersweet tribute to the lesson, the laughter, the lovin’ and everything in between.

They are hilarious and sad, polite and sometimes sassy.  They are madly in love, enormously excited, always kind, and eternally faithful. They hope, they dream but above all...they believe.  They are the best I can do in gratitude, in celebration of all that I love and treasure.

 Thanks for this.
j sargent

Art Education, Graphic Design and Fine Arts : Painting



jenn sargent
south bend, Indiana



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